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Viewing & Saving Chatlogs

Viewing a chatlog should be a simple as clicking on the link for the appropriate day.
Logs are named in the format Taboo_SexYYYYMMDD.html  & all timestamps are UK time.
(GMT or BST as applicable).
In order to keep the display uncluttered logs will be archived at intervals, in .zip format.
However the past month should be available at any given time.

Saving Logs

In order for logs to display correctly if you choose to save one (by right click & save target as), you will also need to save main.css into the same folder, or you will lose all colour display on the local copy.
If you prefer the log displayed in an approximation of the WinMX dark on light colour sheme, then save alternate.css in the target folder and rename it to main.css

Archived Logs

Archived logs will contain both .css files & this information in text format.

View Available Logs
Note:  No attempt has been made to format the display on the next page.

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(Last updated 18 October 2006)