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WinMX Setup Guide

WinMX Section still under construction.  Pages will be added as required in due course.
Suggestions are welcome.

Getting WinMX

This really couldn't be much simpler, & in many cases it's purely a case of downloading & running the installer, however, there are some things it's worth checkingout before you begin.

If you are behind a routeror are on any sort of "broadband" internet connection (DSL/Cable etc.) it's well worth visiting & seeing if your router or modem is listed, if it is listed, it's worth noting you'll either need to setup port forwarding in advance of setup,or afterwards.  Setting up forwarding of TCP port 6699 & UDP port 6257 & opening them in your firewall, in advance of installing  WnMX could save headaches later, as it is required if you wish to make a Primary connection, or host a chatroom using WinMX. 

Skip To Download


VISTA & LATER users Note: you NEED TO DO THIS or completed downloads will fail to be named properly.

Before we download I would suggest a little preparation, it's not strictly needed but it can save some hassle later, particularlyif you intend installing 3.31 or 3.53, rather than the latest version (3.54beta4).  That is, to prepare a couple of folders on your hard drive to download to & share from, if you don't the earlier versions can give your account name away, & even on 3.54 it can cause problems owing to long filenames & long paths to files.

First, Open My Computer.  Then double click your hard drive, if you have more than one, it's better not to choose C: as using a different one protects your files when Windows goes belly up & reduces the impact of file fragmentation onthe speed of your PC from using WinMX (Tip: Defragment regularly).

Click "Start" then "My Computer" Open Your Hard Drive

In the window that opens, right click in empty space, & choose "New"then "Folder" from the context menu.

Make a new folder New Folders

Type a name for your new folder & then repeat the process, so you havetwo new folders, I suggest naming them "Incoming" & "Share".

Prep done!

Download & Install

Pick a download, it's your choice if you decide to save the file or run it, I recommend you save the installer, as it saves re-downloading if you decide to reinstall later.


Patched WinMX v 3.54b4
(Recommended Version)
Suitable in all configurations
Patched WinMX Choice of Versions
(Choose Version- 3.31, 3.53, 3.54b4)
Suitable in all configurations
Patch Only Install
Use when changing from Pie
Patching WinMX
Or Changing Patch Version

Assuming you either saved the installer, or picked "Run" installing WinMX should now proceed like this:

At the first screen, read what it says and click "Next".

Setup Begins

At the next screen some versions of the installer offer you a choice of version, accepting the default can save firewalls from blocking the changed version, you can still choose the latest, but I would advise you to remove & re-create your firewall rules for WinMX if you subsequently have any problems.

Choose the location to install to, this is your choice, but unless you are replacing a defunct WinMX or changing patch by using this installer, it's best left at the default for simplicity.  Patch changing & upgrade installs note, it's imperative to pick the existing location to ensure a hassle free upgrade.

Choose WinMX version

This final screen is your last chance to Cancel.

Please read it, if you see a message like the one below saying you are on a class A B or C Private network then you are using a connection which incoporates a router and you WILL have to forward ports before you can successfully use a primary connection.

Pick Install Location

After clicking Install, you'll see a progress bar while files are installed & your configuration checked, upgraders & patch changers can then skip over the WinMX setup steps, as the program will open, clean installs will see the licence agreement appear.  Obviously, just as with ALL software, you must completely ignore this & click "ACCEPT AGREEMENT" without even giving it a glance, much less reading it... ;-)
Accept Licence

The Frontcode WinMX config. wizard now starts, simply click "Next"
Click "Next"

The next screen asks you to pick your WinMX username, type whatever you'd like to appear as in people's search results, or chatrooms, into the box & click "Next"
Enter Username

The next screen asks you to pick your region, there's no reason not to, however, since the new caches it makes no difference at all if you do, or if you simply click "Next" as there is no user configurable regionalisation with the new WPN.
Region Selection Screen

The next screen prompts you for which folder WinMX should download to, if you decided to skip making special folders for this you can click "next" & v 3.54beta4 installs skip here, 3.31/3.53 installers skip to here accepting the default, although on some windows versions WinMX will complain this location does not exist, in which case you must browse for a folder that does exist.  Otherwise click "Browse".  As you can see I was using the Administrator account when making these notes, your account name will appear here, and also in browse windows if you selected v3.31 or v3.53, this is not a concern if you are installing v3.54beta4.
Browse For Incoming Folder

Expand the drive you chose for your incoming folder by clicking the little + beside it, then click on the folder you chose or made earlier & finally click "OK".
Expand C:\ Select Incoming Folder OK

Confirm the screen now shows the incoming folder you intended & click "Next".
Confirm Incoming

If you're installing 3.54beta4 skip to here as the next screens are only presented by 3.31 & 3.53.

Versions 3.31 & 3.53 now ask you to configure your share, by default the incoming folder is shared, & we want to change this, sharing partial downloads is not good, so we need to share an extra folder.

Share New Folder

Now Browse to & select your shared folder, and anyextra folders you wish to share.
Expand C: Pick Share

Now we see it added in the screen & need to click on the incoming folder to select it, then click the Unshare button.
Select Incoming Remove Incoming

Repeat as needed to add any other folders that you wishto share & check the list & then click "Next"  to confirm it is correct.
Confirm Share

Pick your connection type by clicking to put the dot in the type you have, the example shows DSL, the default selection "Unknown" will prevent you making a Primary connection,in case it's a type that doesn't support it.  In general dialup users will pick 56k & users of broadband Cable or DSL as appropriate (thoughthe effect on WinMX of changing between those is purely visual).  Userswith Satellite, or Wireless providers may also pick Cable/DSL if unsure, though such providers are notorious for interfering with peer-to-peer traffic, & apart from chat their WinMX experience is likely to prove unrewarding.
Pick Connection Confirm Connection

Confirm the dot is now in the right place & click "Next".

The next screen shows progress on WinMX carrying out tests to see if you have ports it can open & use, if you have a direct connection, or took the advice at the start to pre configure the default ports it should pass, a failure here is no cause for alarm, as WinMX can be used without ports set, but only to transfer files with those who have them set.   If you pre configured ports other than the default ports, cancel the test & set them manually, although if you did, you probably don't need to be reading this guide.
Port Testing

If you are presented with a screen like this, port testing failed, this is not a disaster, but I'd still advise seeking help opening them later, either at or on the  forum.  If port testing passed skip forward to the next screen you're presented with.
TCP Port Failed

You now have a choice between the two default colour schemes for WinMX, pick the one you want, then click next, the default light on dark is shown first, this can be changed later, or manually customised, or alternate schemes can be searched for &downloaded.
Light On Dark Dark On Light

You're now presented with the final setup screen before the program starts, please read it, it contains useful information you won't see again without running the configuration wizard from settings, or reinstalling WinMX.
Information Message

The program is now installed & should start, but there are a couple of things you may need to deal with before you can begin using it, v 3.54beta4 may present you with the following message.  Under NO circumstances use the scan option, the solution is to share some files.
Empty Library Warning

An excellent guide for sharing on WinMX 3.54beta4 canbe found HERE (takes you to WinMxWorld website).
For versions 3.31 or 3.53 a detailed guide to sharing files can be found HERE  (takes you to WinMxWorld website).

Start Using WinMX

Well now setup is complete & you can start gettingthose files, first click on the "Search" button.
Click "Search"

Fill in your search criteria & then hit the big "Search" button & wait for results.
Fill In Search

Double click any result you want to download.
Pick Result

This then takes you to the transfers screen, where with luck the file turns green & starts downloading, it may go purple as in the shot below, which means it's waiting for other downloads from that user to finish before starting, don't be impatient, just let it start when it does.
Transfers Screen

& that's it!  You're done!

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