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RoboMX Setup Guide

RoboMX is a great chat client with many cool features, including smileys in chat, sound effects, customisable messages, customisable commands, & useful admin tools, if you admin a chatroom.

Getting RoboMX

This couldn't be much simpler, it's purely a case of downloading & running the installer, however,  there is some post install configuration to be done in order for the program to connect & retrieve a channel listing.


Pick a site to download from, & click the link, it'syour choice if you decide to save the file or run it, although I personally prefer to save the installer.

Download Site
Source Code

WinMxWorld Archive
Here (Not Recommended slow)


Assuming you either saved the installer, & started setup from the saved file, or picked "Run" installing RoboMX should now proceed like this:

At the first screen, simply click "Next".

Setup Begins: Click "Next"

After clicking Next, the licence agreement appear.   Obviously,  just as with ALL software, you must completely ignore this & click "I Agree" without even giving it a glance, much less reading it... ;-)
Accept Licence

If you already have RoboMX & are either re installing or upgrading from an older version, you will now be given a choice between adding/reinstalling or uninstalling, the first option will preserve settings, the second may be needed if you have serious problems.  For simplicity, I'm showing reinstall.
Choice when existing installation found.

The next screen asks you to pick components to install, I recommend simply picking  "Full" from the dropdown, & then clickingNext.
Choose Components

Choose the location to install to, this is your choice, but unless you are replacing a defunct RoboMX , it's best left at the default for simplicity.  Obviously, if you are reinstalling pick the existing location to ensure a hassle free reinstall.
Pick Install Location

The next screen asks you to define a Start Menu folder for shortcuts, unless you have multiple installs you have to keep separate, I would strongly recommend accepting the default & just clicking on Install.

NOTE:   If you have Winamp running CLOSE it before you click Install, whilst setup will close it automatically & restart it to perform operations related to Winamp song reporting, it's more reliable with winamp closed (& faster).

Start Menu Folder (program group) config.

After the details of what files are being installed finish scrolling by, click on Finish & the program will start.
Finish Install

The first time the program opens you're presented with a box to fill in the name you wish to use, how many files you want RoboMX to report you having & what connection type it should say you have.   Type something in for a name & either amend the other details or not, then click OK.
Type in your details

The main program window now opens, but unfotunately nothing else happens, as it fails to connect, although you could use it in this configuration, if you knew the complete roomname to enter, you are then unable to send or receive private messages.  Which brings us to the next part.

Entering Cache Details
(Making RoboMX connect)

In order to enter the cache details, first at the top of the main program window, click View & then Options.
open settingsView > Options

The setings window now appears.  At the bottom left, check the box to Show Expert Options.
Enable expert options

Select Network on the left & then click on the Edit PeerCache-servers button.
Select Network & click Edit PeerCache-servers

In the next window enter the caches, you can do this by IP address, but I strongly recommend entering hostnames which can be accessed using DNS, as these will remain constant, even if the IP address a given cache is on changes.

My recommendation is to clear any existing entries and type in:

click the Add  button & then repeat adding

Then click OK

Edit Peercache-servers dialogue

Finally click OK on the main settings screen to close it.
Close Settings

The main channel listing window will open as the program connects.  Select the channel you want to enter by clicking it on the list, then click the green arrow to enter the room.
Enter Chat

&  that's it!  You're done!

(Last updated 07 February 2008)

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